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Category Archive: Scrap Cars

  1. Tips on Buying a New Car and What to do with Your Old One

    When it comes to buying a new car, there is plenty you need to consider. As well as deciding on the make and model of your new motor, there are plenty of other decisions you need to make- including what to do with your current vehicle. Sometimes the options can seem overwhelming, so to make […]

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  2. How To Dispose Of A Car

    Unfortunately, cars don’t last forever, especially when they’ve had heavy use over the years or have been broken beyond the point of repair. It’s not safe to drive a car that’s not roadworthy, so it’s time to start exploring your options of what to do with your car now.  Britain scraps over 2 million cars […]

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  3. What Happens To Your Car After It Is Scrapped?

    Turning your car into cash is an extremely simple process. You simply call up, describe your vehicle, have someone pick up your car (or drive it to a scrapyard yourself if you wish), and instantly receive payment. Voila. Little do people know, however, that once your car is scrapped, it goes through a regimented process […]

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  4. How To Maximise Profits When Scrapping Your Car

    It’s always tough to part ways with your trusty car, but selling it at the scrapyard for a hefty amount of cash can certainly help soften the blow (it’s what he would’ve wanted). Scrapping is becoming an increasingly popular method to dispose of your old car quickly, whilst also pocketing a fair chunk of money. […]

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  5. How to properly scrap your car for money

    In this month’s article with Hill Metal Recycling we will be explaining the process of scrapping a car. If your car has come to the end of its life, and you’re not sure what to do with the two tonnes of metal – give our guide a quick read to help you on your way […]

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  6. End of Life Car Depollution: What’s Involved?

    At the end of its life, it is of the utmost importance that a car is disposed of and depolluted responsibly. You must ensure that the polluting components of the car don’t find their way into an ecosystem that they could destabilise. The process by which this is done, for the most part, isn’t something […]

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