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  1. 7 of the Most Amazing Scrapyard Finds

    Scrapyards only house junk, or so the theory goes. Old machines, vehicles and other miscellaneous cast-offs are sent to the scrapyard and eventually end up as recycled goods. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, amongst all the clutter, we can unearth some hidden gems. From treasured vehicles to precious jewelry, there are plenty […]

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  2. Aluminium Scrap and Recycling Rates Hit Milestone in UK

    With the recycling agenda being pushed further every year, we are finally starting to see the results that various campaigns such as MetalMatters and Every Can Counts set out to achieve. Aluminium in particular, has seen a boost in recycling rates with a variety of milestones being met across a number of sectors. So, in […]

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  3. What Happens to Metal Once it’s Been Scrapped?

    This month with Hill Metal Recycling we will be taking a look at the process of scrapping metal from the delivery, to the scrap yard and beyond. You might be surprised by the many uses for scrap metal… Process of scrap metal The nice thing about metal is that it can be reused for a […]

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  4. How to Prepare Scrap Metal for Sale and Get the Best Prices

    Maximise your profits by knowing the ins and outs of how to prepare scrap metal, and we’re here to help you do just that. The more you know, the more you can potentially gain – by making sure your scrap is free of contaminants, both you and the buyer will benefit. Whilst many scrap companies […]

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  5. What is Bread4Scrap?

    This article will explain what Bread4Scrap is, why it was introduced, how it works and how it benefits customers who sell their scrap metal to dealers. Here with Hill Metal Recycling we have put together a guide of all you need to know about the process. What is Bread4Scrap? Cash for metal was banned in […]

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  6. How to properly scrap your car for money

    In this month’s article with Hill Metal Recycling we will be explaining the process of scrapping a car. If your car has come to the end of its life, and you’re not sure what to do with the two tonnes of metal – give our guide a quick read to help you on your way […]

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  7. Environmental Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

    With our planet’s health ever in question these days, at no other time has the value of recycling as much as possible been such a pertinent topic. Recycling has a lot of benefits, both for industry and, more importantly, for the environment. Scrap metals in particular benefit the environment heavily when recycled, and in this […]

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  8. 7 of the Best Scrap Metal Artists in the UK

    As a country, we generate a staggering amount of rubbish in a year – 100 million tonnes of it, on average. For the most part, that rubbish is sorted and recycled as either new, raw materials or repurposed for energy generation. However, some of the waste we produce is made up of scrap metals, a […]

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  9. How Is Scrap Metal Priced?

    As we’ve outlined over the past few months, scrap metal can be a lucrative source of income for those with large amounts of it lying around. But, for the most part, people find it difficult to know what metals are the most valuable and why. It pays, therefore, to know how exactly scrap metal is […]

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