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  1. Environmental Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

    With our planet’s health ever in question these days, at no other time has the value of recycling as much as possible been such a pertinent topic. Recycling has a lot of benefits, both for industry and, more importantly, for the environment. Scrap metals in particular benefit the environment heavily when recycled, and in this […]

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  2. 7 of the Best Scrap Metal Artists in the UK

    As a country, we generate a staggering amount of rubbish in a year – 100 million tonnes of it, on average. For the most part, that rubbish is sorted and recycled as either new, raw materials or repurposed for energy generation. However, some of the waste we produce is made up of scrap metals, a […]

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  3. How Is Scrap Metal Priced?

    As we’ve outlined over the past few months, scrap metal can be a lucrative source of income for those with large amounts of it lying around. But, for the most part, people find it difficult to know what metals are the most valuable and why. It pays, therefore, to know how exactly scrap metal is […]

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  4. Is Fibre Optic Cable Recyclable?

    Fibre optic cables allow us to instantaneously communicate with each other and transmit data over vast distances via the internet, and there are tens of millions of miles of this crucial cable currently in use around the world. With so much of it in use, we need to know: are fibre optic cables recyclable? Fibre […]

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  5. End of Life Car Depollution: What’s Involved?

    At the end of its life, it is of the utmost importance that a car is disposed of and depolluted responsibly. You must ensure that the polluting components of the car don’t find their way into an ecosystem that they could destabilise. The process by which this is done, for the most part, isn’t something […]

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  6. Scrap Metal Laws and Legislation UK

    Just as with every industry in the country, the scrap metal recycling industry abides by stringent legislation put in place to regulate it and to curtail rogue traders. At Hill Metal Recycling, we understand the importance of this and we work to uphold it through responsible policies and an overall professional approach to our business. […]

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  7. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals: What’s the difference?

    When going about recycling scrap metals, a lot of people have trouble initially getting to grips with what the different types of metal are, the majority of us not being blacksmiths (who’d have guessed it). So in a bid to try and get you on a better footing for identifying the types of metal that […]

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  8. The Most Valuable Types of Scrap Metal

    If you’re restructuring aspects of your premises and find yourself inundated with vast amounts of metals, instead of throwing it all away you would be better off getting it all recycled at your local metal recycling facility where you might earn a bob or two for doing so. In this month’s article we’ll be discussing […]

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  9. Welcome!

    Welcome to our blog! Here you will find regular posts, containing useful information about the work we do and all the latest updates in from our industry. In the meantime, why not browse our site to find out more about what we do or get in contact with us here.

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