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The Most Valuable Types of Scrap Metal

If you’re restructuring aspects of your premises and find yourself inundated with vast amounts of metals, instead of throwing it all away you would be better off getting it all recycled at your local metal recycling facility where you might earn a bob or two for doing so. In this month’s article we’ll be discussing some of the most valuable types of scrap metals you may come across in your work that would be worthwhile recycling with us here at Hill Metal Recycling.

The types of scrap metal we’ll be looking at can be split into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The former metal is magnetic, while the latter is not.

Most valuable non-ferrous metals

The non-ferrous metals that will fetch the greatest price at a recycling plant are:

  • Copper, a reddish to brown metal that is used for a wide range of purposes but most commonly found in plumbing pipes and in wiring. Copper generally fetches the highest prices at a recycling plant and is considered one of the most valuable types of scrap metal. Radiators can also be made of a combination of copper and brass which is also quite valuable. Copper fetches up to £3k per tonne currently.
  • Bronze is a combination of copper and tin usually combined with a number of other metals such as nickel that you can recycle.
  • Brass, a yellowish metal with a hint of red made up of a heavy combination of copper and zinc. It can be found in various common items like keys, door handles and light fixtures, but can also be used in plumbing fixtures and the like. Brass is worth up to £1.8k per tonne at the moment.
  • Aluminium, a whitish silver metal that is massively used but extremely thin and therefore easily bendable. It can be used as a finisher for many products but is namely used for cans. It is worth up to £500 per tonne.
  • Lead is a heavy but soft metal that has been used in roofing, plumbing and batteries and can be recycled.

Most valuable ferrous metals

  • Steel is one of the most widely used metal on this list. It can be found in your car, and in a plethora of appliances and utensils throughout your home. While it rusts easily, stainless steel does not. It is an alloy of iron and other elements that is stronger than any one element it consists of on its own. There are many different types of steel though and these vary in value, currently ranging from between £45 and £120 in value.
  • Iron can also be recycled, though it is quite soft unless alloyed with other elements to make it stronger. It can be found in borings and other appliances, but you’re more likely to find steel in general.

At Hill Metal Recycling we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the leading recycler of ferrous and non-ferrous metals throughout Harlow, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. We are affiliated with the DVLA and Environment Agency bodies and are widely qualified and experienced to appropriately handle and dispose of all types of scrap metal. We offer a 24 hour scrap collection service, including cars, for commercial and some domestic needs. To discuss the best prices you can fetch for your scrap metals, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today!