Automotive Part Recycling

Whether you own or work in a professional garage, or are simply an amateur mechanic at home, you’ll know full well just how much waste can be produced when tinkering or maintaining a car. This is particularly true if you’re replacing certain elements of a vehicle, as you may not be sure how to appropriately discard and recycle them.

This is where Hill Metal Recycling comes in. We offer a comprehensive automotive part recycling service that can utilise your car’s parts and recycle them into useful materials that can be used in a number of ways.

Automotive Part Recycling in Harlow, Essex & Hertfordshire

Operating in Hertfordshire, Essex, Harlow and beyond, just some of the parts we can help you with include car batteries, catalytic converters and electric car parts.

The recycling process of these parts plays a key role in manufacturing new products, so if you have any components you no longer require, feel free to pop by and make use of our reliable automotive part recycling service.

If you’re located in Harlow, Essex or the surrounding areas and want more information on what we do, contact us today.