Scrap Brass Recycling

From commercial businesses to domestic properties, at Hill Metal Recycling we can take care of scrap brass recycling from a whole host of premises.

Brass is the general term given to copper-zinc alloys and is one of the most versatile metals around. It comes in a whole host of different colours, and it’s also extremely sustainable as it can be recycled multiple times over to be used in a variety of ways.

Some of the brass we handle as part of our scrap brass recycling service includes:

  • Mixed brass
  • Rod brass
  • Brass turnings

Scrap Brass Collection

Brass is also particularly common in the home, and if you’ve had any work done on your property, or embarked on your own DIY project, you may find yourself with excess brass.

If this is the case, or if you’re a tradesman that has brass to scrap, then Hill Metal Recycling also offers its own scrap brass collection service. Operating throughout Harlow, Essex and the surrounding areas, simply get in touch if you want to make use of our collection service and we can organise for a member of our team to visit your property.

For more information on our scrap brass recycling service in Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex, contact us today.