Scrap Zinc Recycling

When it comes to recycling zinc, it’s important you choose a business that can efficiently handle the metal. At Hill Metal Recycling, we have spent over 25 years doing exactly that – ensuring our customers receive a competitive and reasonable price, while focusing on recycling zinc in an environmentally friendly manner.

Zinc is used throughout modern life and can be found in all manner of products including nuts and bolts, batteries, jewellery and more. It’s also often used as a lead alternative in construction or in the galvanising process to prevent steel and iron from rusting.

We’re well known across Harlow, Hertfordshire and Essex for our scrap zinc recycling systems that see us effectively recycle the metal in a reliable and sustainable way.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Just drop by our yard, we’ll weigh the zinc and give you a price. You can be in and out quick as a flash – which is one of the reasons we have a reputation as the leading scrap zinc recycling company in the area.

Scrap Zinc Collection

Additionally, we can come to you. Our scrap zinc collection service where we can visit your property and remove any unwanted zinc.

We’ll work around you, always offering reasonable prices and a first-class service for scrap zinc recycling.

Located in Harlow, Essex, Hertfordshire or the surrounding areas and looking to scrap your zinc? If so, then contact the Hill Metal Recycling team now.