Scrap Metal Merchants & Collection in Cambridge

From engineers and electricians to builders and DIYers, at Hill Metal Recycling we regularly work with people in a whole host of sectors helping them to recycle their scrap.

Our team of scrap metal merchants work throughout Cambridge and the surrounding areas, providing a whole host of scrap metal recycling services. This includes scrap metal collection where we will visit your premises to collect and then properly dispose of any scrap metal.

Thanks to our industry experience, which spans over 25 years, Hill Metal Recycling has forged a reputation for being one of the most professional, reliable and sustainable scrap metal recycling companies in Cambridge, providing customers with a first-class service and competitive prices.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Cambridge

All of this comes together with our simple and easy process where customers can either drop their scrap metal off at our premises, or make use of the aforementioned scrap metal collection service.

To find out more about the services Hill Metal Recycling offer, get in touch with our team today.