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How to Store Scrap Metal Safely

Whether it’s some old sheeting or there’s some discarded treasure in your scrap metal collection, it’s important that it’s stored properly. In this article, Hill Metal Recycling is here to talk you through the best ways to safely store your scrap metal.

Things to Avoid

There are a few risks associated with scrap metal, and it’s vital that you avoid them if you’re to make the most of your collection.

Thieves – Scrap metal can be very valuable, which makes it a popular target for thieves. Any storage location you choose for your scrap metal should be able to keep thieves at bay – anywhere out in the open is inadvisable.

Rust – While your scrap metal won’t be in pristine condition, it’s important that it is preserved as well as you can, to ensure it holds its value. Make sure your scrap metal is kept away from water, and if your metal is to be stored in a humid setting, invest in a humidifier.

Lawn Damage – If you want to keep your grass in good condition, avoid storing your scrap metal on the lawn. Not only will it block sunlight, resulting in dead grass, but the chemicals from the metal can leak into the groundwater below, potentially contaminating it.

Eyesores– While it may be very valuable, a pile of scrap metal is not usually the most attractive sight. Putting your scrap metal where it can obstruct your neighbours’ view, or where it might make the area look untidy is not advised – to avoid complaints from neighbours and members of the community, consider where exactly your metal is placed.

Pile of scrap metal in garden

Best places to store scrap metal

Barn – By storing your scrap metal in a large space like a barn or a warehouse, you protect it from a range of issues. You’re not leaving it out in the open for thieves to notice, you’re protecting it from the elements and you’re ensuring it’s not getting in the way of your neighbours.

Cellar – Providing you don’t have a sprawling collection of scrap metal, and as long as the pieces you do have aren’t too bulky, consider storing them in a cellar. Your metal will arguably be safer here than in a barn, as it’s completely hidden from view.

Storage unit – Secure, monitored storage units are a popular way of storing all types of things. If you can find a storage company that accepts scrap metal, then hiring a storage container is a sensible option. Many storage facilities offer short and long-term storage options, and you’ll be able to access your scrap metal whenever you need to.

DIY Scrap Metal Storage

For smaller items, consider putting up shelving to house them. Whether it’s in a garage or a shed, storing smaller items up high can save floor space and help keep your things organised.

You could also invest in small storage boxes – stackable ones are available, which can help to save space. For the smallest items, you can use shoe boxes. Whatever your DIY storage options are, make sure you label them clearly to stay organised.

There are plenty of safe ways to store your scrap metal for both the short and long term. Whether you’re looking for short-term storage preceding a quick sale, or you’d like to keep your metal for a longer period of time, it’s important you do so safely and with consideration of the local area.

Professional, reliable scrap metal companies like Hill Metal Recycling are often best placed to take scrap metal off your hands. From the collection of your scrap metal to the recycling of all recyclable materials and swift payment for what we’ve collected, you can be sure of a comprehensive, reliable service with the best prices around.

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