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How To Maximise Profits When Scrapping Your Car

It’s always tough to part ways with your trusty car, but selling it at the scrapyard for a hefty amount of cash can certainly help soften the blow (it’s what he would’ve wanted). Scrapping is becoming an increasingly popular method to dispose of your old car quickly, whilst also pocketing a fair chunk of money. However, if choosing to use this method, it’s vital to understand how to receive the most profit for your old banger. The team at Hill Metal Recycling have put together this article to ensure you maximise profits when scrapping your car.

Don’t remove parts

The first thing we recommend is not to sell any parts. While it may be tempting to remove certain features of the car and sell them to separate buyers, the reality is that the quote you receive from the scrapyard for an incomplete car will be significantly lower than a car with all the vital components. Removing parts from the vehicle will limit what the buyer can do with the vehicle and therefore will be much less sought after.

Find a reputable dealer

It’s important to find a trustworthy scrapyard dealer who will give you a fair price for your vehicle. There are no universal guidelines that scrap dealers need to abide by when it comes to making offers. Make sure you do your research on the general scrap value of your car, so you can make sure your dealer is in the right ballpark. With 25 years of experience and a close affiliation with the DVLA and Environment Agency, Hill Metal Recycling is one of the most trustworthy and ethical scrap metal companies in the industry.

Mention excess features

Make sure to mention any excess/luxury features of your car when obtaining a quote. Items such as sound systems, leather seats and sat navs can boost the value of your car significantly. Don’t be afraid to boast about all the features of your car, as these will help maximise your offer. Remember to be honest though, failing to tell the truth about your car may cause the buyer to significantly reduce their offer when they realise you’ve lied.

Collection vs delivery

Many dealers will give you the option between having your car collected from your home or take it into the scrapyard yourself. The amount you’ll receive will likely differ as a result of which option you pick. Most people aren’t going to be surprised to hear that having someone collect your vehicle for you is going to knock a bit off the price, but some scrap dealers can charge huge amounts for this service. We always recommend taking the vehicle into the scrapyard when you can, as this will help you maximise the profit you make.

Here at Hill Metal Recycling, we’ve been offering customers great value on their scrap metal for 25 years. No matter the type of scrap we buy, our expert team know how to handle and dispose of all metals, and we focus on recycling as much as we possibly can to help the environment. For more information about any of our wide range of products and services, call our friendly team today.