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The 5 Most Common Places to Find Scrap Metal in your Home

Times have been tough for the UK economy lately, with the cost of living crisis hitting everyone’s pockets in some way. 

With this in mind, any extra cash will surely be welcomed by people across the country. But did you know your home could be full of things that could make you money?

At Hill Metal Recycling, we provide an expert metal recycling service to customers across Essex. This includes accepting domestic scrap metal from people with excess scrap at home.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five most common places to find scrap metal in the home, helping you identify ways that you might be able to make some extra money.

Where can I find scrap metal in my home?       


Are your kitchen cupboards full of pots and pans that you hardly ever use? If so, you could be making money from them. Aluminium is one of the most popular metals used when manufacturing saucepans, skillets and more, and can often be traded in for scrap.

As well as this, old kitchen appliances like microwaves and fridges often contain copper wires that can be scrapped.  

Living room and bedrooms

Your living room and bedrooms can also house a whole host of scrap metal treasures. If you’re upgrading your TV, be aware that your old one is likely to be full of copper that can be recycled. But check with your local scrap yard first. Often, they’ll happily take the copper, but don’t want the rest of the TV.

While it’s not as common in the UK as in warmer countries, air conditioning units also contain an abundance of copper that can be scrapped if no longer needed.   

Old lamps, and even doors, can also contain aluminium or steel that you can easily recycle at a scrap metal plant.               


Domestic plumbing uses large quantities of scrap metal, particularly copper, which is what wiring and pipes are typically made from. If you’ve recently had a bathroom refurbishment and the plumber has replaced wires or pipes, you can take the old ones to a scrap yard and earn some money.  


Garages are often the place where people store a whole host of miscellaneous items such as tools, paint cans and old vehicles. All of these things can be a great source of scrap metal, so take the time to take a look at what’s in your garage to see where you could make some extra money. 

A great example of this is old bicycles that you or your children may no longer require or have grown out of. Bicycle frames are made from aluminium and can be easily recycled.           

Garden and patio

If you have garden or patio furniture in your outdoor space that you no longer use, you may be able to declutter your garden and make money at the same time. Furniture, old swing sets and garden gates and railings often contain wrought iron which can be recycled.          

The team here at Hill Metal Recycling has more than 25 years of experience helping domestic and commercial customers in Essex to safely dispose of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can bring any scrap metal directly to our yard or, if you’d prefer, we can head to a location of your convenience to collect. We’ll then provide you with a competitive price for your scrap, and dispose of it appropriately, abiding with all the relevant environmental regulations. To find out more about what we do, get in touch with Hill Metal Recycling today.