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The Benefits of Recycling Zinc

Zinc is one of the most common metals on Earth. 

In fact, it’s estimated that even just one cubic mile of seawater contains one tonne of zinc. And the first mile of the earth’s crust consists of 224 million tonnes of zinc with 15 million tonnes more in the seabed. 

In short, we have a lot of the stuff.   

However, like every natural resource the Earth has to offer, we only have a finite amount of zinc. This is why it’s essential to recycle and reuse it where we can, to ensure we’re being as sustainable as possible.

At Hill Metal Recycling, we help businesses and individuals recycle their excess zinc in a reliable and sustainable way. Plus, we always offer reasonable prices for any scrap zinc so you can make some money while also helping the environment.

With all this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide that outlines all of the benefits that recycling zinc provides.  

Lower emissions 

When zinc is mined or smelted, a large number of greenhouse gases are released. These gases pose a threat to the climate as they can trap heat and warm the earth, which then leads to a whole host of issues such as fires, droughts and extreme weather events. 

By recycling zinc, it means that you’ll be contributing to lower emissions, as your zinc will be reused rather than having to be freshly mined.  

Less waste

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of any kind of recycling is that it reduces waste. 30% of zinc products are made from recycled metal, meaning waste is minimised. This is not only better for the environment, but it also means that you’re being more efficient with the material.     

Maintains its properties

One of the best qualities of zinc is that it’s extremely durable, corrosion resistant and provides greater resistance than other metals. You may think that when zinc is recycled, some of these properties will be lost or diminished. However, one of the biggest benefits of recycling zinc is that these qualities are maintained, meaning that future products will not decrease in quality.    

Where to find zinc

As one of the most common non-ferrous metals, zinc can be found in a whole host of household items. It’s typically found in batteries, nuts and bolts, jewellery, electrical items and much more. 

If you have scrap zinc to recycle, Hill Metal Recycling is here to help. 

Our process is extremely straightforward, and you can just drop by our yard where our team of expert technicians will weigh your zinc and give you a reasonable price for it. From here, you can rest assured that it’ll be responsibly recycled and reused in a sustainable manner. 

Plus, we also offer a first-class scrap zinc collection service, where our team can visit a location of your choosing to collect the metal directly.


So, whether you’re an individual, a tradesperson or a business with scrap zinc that you need recycling in Essex, contact Hill Metal Recycling today.