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  1. Scrap Metal Laws in the UK

    Following a string of scrap metal thefts, the UK Government clamped down on scrap metal recycling laws. This ensured that dealing was fair both for the customer and the merchant. This article will detail the legal acts introduced by the government and how they impact scrap metal dealing. Scrap Metal Dealers Act (2013) The scrap […]

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  2. Why Do Scrap Metal Prices Change?

    Learn why scrap metal prices fluctuate and get more from your investments. We are often told that the value of an item is determined by demand. The greater the demand, the higher the price; the lower the demand, the lower the price. Though largely true, this is a simplified explanation. There are many factors that affect scrap […]

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  3. Ways To Make Money With Scrap Metal

    Scrap metal dealerships offer money in exchange for metal parts. With a little ingenuity and drive, you too can make a hefty profit from collecting and selling scrap metal.  What to use The only tools you need for successfully collecting and selling scrap metal are as follows: – A magnet – A container for holding […]

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  4. Is the Global Waste Trade an Issue?

    The global waste trade denotes the billion-dollar market involving the transfer of waste between countries. As a recycling company passionate about reducing waste and improving the environment across the globe, we felt it was important to bring the topic to the forefront of industry discussion. We’re going to explain what the global waste trade is […]

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  5. How to Spot Scrap Metal Thieves & How to Stop Them

    Selling scrap metal is a great way to gain some extra cash. But as with many money-making opportunities, certain individuals seek to exploit the system. These individuals steal metal from others and sell it on to unwitting merchants. In this article, we’re going to explore how to stay vigilant to suspicious scrap metal dealings and […]

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  6. Metal Recycling Apprenticeship – All You Need To Know

    Interested in pursuing a career in metal recycling? We can offer you a fully comprehensive training program which allows you to earn while you learn. The government recently announced their plan to double the level of funding available for apprenticeships to £3 billion by 2020. This is in response to rising university fees and the […]

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  7. The History Of Metals

    Spanning as far back as 6000 BC, when gold was first discovered and used to create valuable jewellery, man’s relationship with metal has had a significant impact on the way societies have behaved, traded, hunted and advanced. In fact, these early periods were so greatly influenced by the discovery and use of metal that history […]

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  8. Are Humans Running Out of Metal?

    Metal — it’s in almost everything. The computer, tablet or phone you are using to read this article contains metal. The building you are sitting comfortably in at this moment contains metal. Each year, billions of various products are created and sold that each contains metal. This raises the question: are humans running out of […]

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