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Metal Recycling Apprenticeship – All You Need To Know

Interested in pursuing a career in metal recycling? We can offer you a fully comprehensive training program which allows you to earn while you learn. The government recently announced their plan to double the level of funding available for apprenticeships to £3 billion by 2020. This is in response to rising university fees and the need for more employees in certain sectors.

Being passionate about what we do and eager to train the next generation of workers, we started our apprenticeship in November 2018 – welcoming people to gain academic qualifications and hands-on experience in the metal recycling industry whilst earning their own money.

What You Learn

Over 12-18 months, apprentices learn a variety of skills, behaviours, and knowledge in relation to metal recycling. Apprentices then are tested on these qualities through tests and observations, then if successful they will gain a qualification equivalent to a university degree.
Here are some of the topics or skills you will learn on a metal recycling apprenticeship:

Environmental policies and procedures
Industry-specific health and safety laws and regulations
Identify different materials and their grades, sorting and storage guidelines
Safe loading and unloading of shipping containers
Safe operation of heavy good vehicles
Complete and follow risk assessments

This is just a general overview of what you will learn during your apprenticeship, as you will be able to experience a range of different jobs and responsibilities – enabling you to decide what career path will most suit you within the industry.

How To Get Involved

Hill Metal Recycling is dedicated to providing a fully comprehensive service for our customers and doing our bit for the environment by recycling 90% of the waste we receive. If you are passionate about both of these things, then the metal recycling apprenticeship may be the perfect starting point for a career you want!

To get involved with an apprenticeship scheme, all you need is a C or above in English and Maths – however, if you do not have these then you can take a basic numeracy and literacy test to qualify. If you don’t meet these requirements, the National Apprentice Service can help you access an apprenticeship, which makes the apprenticeship scheme accessible for everyone.

Here at Hill Metal Recycling, we are dedicated to helping the environment with our wide range of metal recycling services, as well as providing a quality service for all our customers. For more information on our apprenticeship schemes, get in touch with us today!