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How Much Is Scrap Metal Worth? | 2019 Prices

The UK metal recycling industry is worth over £5 billion, making the market prices for metal extremely competitive. It is important to research the best deal for your scrap metal thoroughly, as the price fluctuates daily. Hill Metal Recycling can help you get the best deal for your metal and provide an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your scrap metal.


Price per tonne*



£400 – £800

Ladders, pans, signs, radiators, cans


£500 – £800    

Plumbing parts, taps, doors, handles, ornaments


£2,600 – £3,600

Pipes, joints, fittings, heating tanks and buzz bars

Copper Wire

£3,000 – £4,500

Plastic removed, cable taken from PVC wire


£900 – £1,600

Roof lead, lead pipe, fishing weights

Stainless Steel

£500 – £800

18/8 stainless, 316 stainless, 304 stainless


£130 – £150

Steel turnings, constructional steel, light iron, shearing


£600 – £650

Zinc cuttings, zinc batteries

*To work out scrap metal prices per kg, use this simple conversion 1 tonne = 1000 kg.

Scrap metal prices fluctuate for a variety of reasons, including the manufacturer’s need and accessibility to the certain metal. The UK prices are also influenced by the global market – for this reason, prices will differ between different companies. We suggest keeping a close eye on the international scrap metal market to ensure you get the best prices, as it can be sometimes unpredictable.

Our scrapyard is highly accessible and tidy, giving you easy access to drop off large amounts of metal and use a wide range of vehicles. For our commercial customers, we can even offer a regular collection service and skips if you are producing a high amount of scrap metal. The list above showcases the metal we recycle, but we also recycle a variety of cables, a list of which can be found on our Cable Recycling page.

Here at Hill Metal Recycling, we are dedicated to providing the best prices on a wide range of metals, as well as a quality service to all of our customers across Hertfordshire and beyond. No matter the amount of metal you can provide, bring it down to Hill Metal Recycling and let us do the rest! Give us a call today.