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  1. What Are The Most Valuable Scrap Metals?

    Do you have a bit of metal lying around the house? Perhaps a lead battery? Some copper wire? Maybe even a brass trumpet? Local scrap yards allow you to make a bit of money by trading in your unneeded metal. Take a magnet and place it on a piece of metal. Does it stick? If […]

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  2. Scrap Copper: Gradings Explained

    With an infinitely recyclable life, copper is among the most valuable metals available to scrap collectors. Used and reused in motors, computers construction and industrial machinery, copper is truly one of the most versatile metals out there. So, if you’re a scrap dealer of any kind, being able to source this highly recyclable metal is […]

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  3. UK Beats Target for End of Life Vehicle Recycling

    Recently, the news broke that the UK has seen a jump of over 6% in its End of Life Vehicle (ELV) recycling and recovery performance. This means that it has exceeded the target of 95% set by the European Union. The most recent figures which have been released by the European Commission demonstrate that the […]

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  4. Scrapper Safety: How to Safely Work with Scrap Metal

    Scrappers have an interesting and varied job; you never quite know what you will be dealing with from day to day. However, unfortunately, it can be a dangerous job too. Metal can be sharp, heavy and even poisonous in the case of lead, which means that metal scrappers need to be extremely careful when they […]

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  5. Home Office Decides Not to Strengthen Scrap Metal Dealers Act

    Towards the end of last year, the Hill Metal Recycling team highlighted an important development in the scrap metal recycling industry. That is, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA) – which was brought in to help eliminate unlicensed metal trading – was under review due to a lack of enforcement. Why the Act was under […]

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  6. Imports of Foreign Waste Subject to Tighter Restrictions in China

    China has tightened restrictions on the import of foreign waste, meaning anything crossing the border must now meet stricter impurity thresholds. When waste is imported, it contains recyclable material, but also rubbish which needs to be disposed of. The disposal of the waste products created in the recycling process is having a detrimental effect on […]

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  7. Most Interesting Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

    Here at Hill Metal Recycling, with our blog we aim to educate our readers on the importance of scrap metal recycling, what’s going on in the scrap metal industry and – last but not least – get our readers excited about scrap metal recycling. Since the scrap metal industry is such a huge industry in […]

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  8. History of Scrap: When did Metal Start to be Recycled?

    Scrap metal recycling is the process by which old products and structures are recovered and repurposed. It can also be the activity of manufacturing scrap, so that it can be introduced as a raw material in the production of metal goods. It’d be easy to believe that recycling is a modern phenomenon. However in reality, […]

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  9. Scrap Metal Dealers Act Under Review – Lack of Enforcement

    Implemented in 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act (SMDA) was brought in with a view to eradicate unlicensed metal trading with a cash ban and enhanced ID checks. Seemingly, the SMDA worked: between 2012 and 2016, metal theft in the UK decreased by 74%. More specifically, there were 44,885 unique incidents of metal theft between […]

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  10. Top 5 Strongest Metals in the World

    In modern society, we rely on different metals for all sorts of things, particularly in construction and technology. They form the foundations and frameworks of our buildings, the bodies of our vehicles, and the intricate mechanisms in our beloved mobile phones. In short – they’re indispensible. Although metals tend to have a variety of useful […]

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